Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience
​90 min - £98

This balancing treatment starts with a consultation to find out your emotional and physical needs. There are twelve signature oils to choose from. Pressure points and neuro muscular techniques will ease muscular tension.

The treatment works from head to toe and dissolves away stress and tension.


Aromatherapy Associates Deep Sleep Treatment
​90 min - £92

A powerful body and mind switch-off to induce a serious state of relaxation for a comforting, peaceful nights sleep. Working on all aspects of physical, mental and emotional stress. The treatment begins with a warming foot ritual, followed by a head to toe massage using carefully applied pressures with neuromuscular and Swedish techniques. Balancing the nervous system and easing an over-active mind.

A must have treatment for those who suffer with insomnia or are looking for a deep sense of tranquillity.


Fire and Ice Stone Massage
90 min - £98

This deeply relaxing massage uses a combination of hot basalt stones and cold marble to help promote a feeling of balance and calm to the whole body. The stones are placed on and under the body as well as therapeutically massaged. One stroke with the stones is like 10 with the hands.

To help relax and restore tired muscles.

The Reading Room Head to Toe Massage
90 min - £92

To start your journey your feet are treated to a refreshing foot ritual. Then, using combined massage techniques, the whole body is massaged with warm oil followed by a cleansing facial.

The result is a whole body treatment to relax and refresh.


​Hot Stone Back Massage
30min - £49

This deeply relaxing massage uses hot basalt stones, one stroke with the stones is like 10 with the hands. To help relax and restore tired muscles.

Aromatherapy Associates Intensive Muscle Release
​60 min - £78

Designed for tight, stressed and aching muscles. Whether from exercise and sport, or too many hours spent sitting at a desk.

A deeper massage that works right into the muscle to release pain and tension.


The Reading Room Full Body Massage
60 min - £73

To start your feet are treated to a refreshing foot ritual. Then followed by a relaxing bespoke full body massage using a mixture of swedish and deep tissue techniques to suit your needs on the day. Leaving you feeling renewed and relaxed.

Relaxing Head and Shoulder Massage
​30 min - £48

A relaxing massage to help alleviate tension and stress. Incorporating the scalp, face, back, neck and shoulders.

Soothes away tension in the whole upper body.


Calming Back and Scalp Massage
50 min - £68

Back neck and scalp massage to help relieve a stressed mind and aching muscles.


60 min - £57

Reflexology will help rebalance the entire body. Restoring lost energy and leaving you with a sense of well being.


Damask Rose Pregnancy Massage
60 min - £78

To start this relaxing treatment your feet are treated to a warming root ritual. Then using pregnancy massage techniques your whole body is deeply relaxed with Aromatherapy Associates Demask Rose massge oil which is developed especially for pregnancy. This treatment is desinged to totaly relax and unwind an expecting mother.

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